Configuring Rackspace Cloud Files Storage for API access

Following are the steps can be useful if you have any application (service/API) in your environment that need to access (download/upload) files to Rackspace cloud file storage.

Signup to Rackspace cloud
Go to Rackspace control panel then provide root user a/c you configured during signup process.



Create a New User account for API access. Go to User Management from Account tab



Click on Create user, this console will give you list of all users created so far. Once default (root) user will be available by default.


Give user details such as FirstName, LastName, email, phone….Etc. Contact type must be Technical then select appropriate permission on Rackspace cloud.




Once user created successfully, go to the properties of user a/c copy the Rackspace API key.




From the control panel, select Rackspace cloud from the Product list then select Files from Storage list.



Create a New container, select appropriate Region. keep the type as Private



Manually upload some of the files using console itself.



Testing bucket (container) access

Download Rackspace Command Line Interface
Go to the directory where you downloaded the rack binary and run the following command to connect with container.

rack.exe configure


Retrieves a list of containers.

Rack files container list


Lists all of the objects contained in a specified container.

Rack files object list --container StorageAccess


Uploads an object directory into a specified container

Rack files object upload-dir --container StorageAccess --dir \temp\pictures


you can also try checking cloud access using cloud berry backup tool