Configuring Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) for API access

This document is designed for test environment use only. Actual steps for production use might differ. Register ECS Test Drive account  and complete the registration process. Once you have registered for you ECS Test Drive account, log in and click the credentials link at the top left of the page.



Once you receive credential. Try one of the following tool to create S3 bucket.

Method 1 Using CyberDuck
Download and install CyberDuck
Click on Open connection, In the dialog window, choose S3 (Amazon Simple Storage Service) from the first drop-down list.



As per ECS credential page,

Change server name =
Access Key ID =
Password = fbHIum2QY3A5xSr7Vlx63S+USGw3O1ULsHS9jmom

Then click on Connect



Click on blank area, click on ‘New Folder’, give name to bucket (eg. ‘storage-ecs-part1’). This name should be lower and should be unique.

bucket create.jpg


Method 2 using CloudBerry
Install Cloudberry (freeware) in your storage OR test server.
Select File-New S3 compatible account-S3 compatible



Display name could be anything you wish, supply service point, access key, secret key same as supplied in method 1. The test connection must be successful.



Create a new bucket.


Following two method can also be used to test bucket access
Another GUI tool called S3Browser
EMC ECS CLI (it require registration with EMC)