vCenter Appliance Network configuration change via command line.

Most of the system configuration such as changing the hostname, IP, DNS..etc can be done using VAMI interface (https://vCenterIPorFQDN:5480) however if you see the changes are not taking affect, e.g. changing the DNS IP then following command can be used.

  • Enable SSH using VAMI interface, select Access tab, click Edit and Enable SSH login.
  • Take SSH session via putty to connect vCenter Appliance.
  • Use following command and change required configuration change.
root@vcsa[~]# /opt/vmware/share/vami/vami_config_net
Main Menu
0)      Show Current Configuration (scroll with Shift-PgUp/PgDown)
1)      Exit this program
2)      Default Gateway
3)      Hostname
4)      DNS
5)      Proxy Server
6)      IP Address Allocation for eth0


Here are some samples:-

  • Review current configuration.
Enter a menu number [0]: 0
Network Configuration for eth0
IPv4 Address:
IPv6 Address:
Global Configuration
IPv4 Gateway:
IPv6 Gateway:
DNS Servers:,
Domain Name:
Search Path:
Proxy Server:

Whenever you make any changes you will be prompted for following warning message.

Warning: if any of the interfaces for this VM use DHCP, the Hostname, DNS, and Gateway parameters will be overwritten by information from the DHCP server. Type Ctrl-C to go back to the Main Menu

  • Changing hostname
Enter a menu number [0]: 3
New hostname []

  • Changing DNS server and Domain name.
Enter a menu number [0]: 4
DNS Server 1 []:
DNS Server 2 (optional) []:
Domain Name (optional) []:
Search Path (space separated) (optional) []:
DNS server settings updated

  • Changing proxy address of vCenter appliance
Enter a menu number [0]: 5
Is an IPv4 proxy server necessary to reach the Internet? y/n [n]: y
Proxy Server (http:// will be auto prepended) []:
Proxy Port []: 8080

  • Changing IP address.
Enter a menu number [0]: 6
Configure an IPv6 address for eth0? y/n [n]: n
Configure an IPv4 address for eth0? y/n [n]: y
Use a DHCPv4 Server instead of a static IPv4 address? y/n [n]: n
IPv4 Address []:
Netmask []:
IPv4 Address:

Is this correct? y/n [y]: y

Reconfiguring eth0...
net.ipv6.conf.eth0.disable_ipv6 = 1
Network parameters successfully changed to requested values